Welcome to TBPchan!

Go forth and be Tactical

What is TBPchan?

TBPchan is an imageboard similar in style to 8chan or 4chan. It is maintained and monitored by a private group of people all with the same goal of free speech. It is based off of 'vichan' open source software.

What is an imageboard?

An imageboard is a type of internet forum which lets users post text and images anonymously (without registration) about any topic, or no topic at all. Unlike forums, imageboards do not hold old content permamently, and old threads are recycled as new ones are created.

The imageboard format holds several advantages against traditional forums:

There is no registration process, which allows for anyone to post what they like without having to jump through hoops.

Users do not require names and thus feel no reason to build up an identity or reputation for themselves. Post are judged based on their content rather than who made them.

Sharing images and multimedia content is as easy as saving and uploading it to the site.

Who manages TBPchan? How is it run?

TBPchan is a self-hosted website that is managed and owned by TBPIndustries®. TBPchan is not affiliated with any other external website or orginasation and is not under any gag orders by any government whatsoever.

The TBPchan staff are responsible for maintaining the site as a whole and protecting it from spam and illegal content. The administration is NOT responsible for enforcing any rules outside of Rule #1 and Rule #2.

What are the rules?

There are only two rules that must be followed.

Rule #1:

Do not post, request, or link to any content illegal in the United States of America. Do not create threads with the sole purpose of posting or spreading such content.

This rule only applies to posting of child pornography or of content that violates the DMCA.

See here for the 'Dost test' to see if your post violates the CP rule.

Rule #2:

Gore is entirely disallowed and you will be banned for posting it. Pornography is disallowed as well but not nearly as enforced.

How do I contact the admin?

Send an email to abuse@tbpchan.cz but be aware that this box gets a lot of spam so answers may take some time.

Someone is posting something I don't like! How do I get it removed?

If it involves so-called 'cyber-bullying', attacking, abuse, or something else that which you disagree or find objectionable, too bad. Browse and post at your own risk. If you don't like it, don't read it nor reply to it if you so wish; don't go away mad, just go away. TBPchan actively sponsors free speech, whether we agree with what is being posted or not. The only content that is removed is that which violates the global rule.

How does posting work?

Navigate to the board that which you wish to view and make posts to, fill out the post form at the top of the page, and then click "New Topic". It is never required to fill out a name or email address and sometimes it isn't required to post an image on some boards that allow it.

How do I comment on a thread?

Navigate to the thread that which you wish to view and make posts to by clicking [Reply] in the board that you are in and then fill out the post form at the top of the page, and then select "New Reply". It is never required to fill out a name or email address and sometimes it also isn't required to post an image in threads.

How do I reply to another post?

Click the number of their post. A reply box will open automatically prepopulated with the post number you're replying to. Write your post under their post number. Similarly, when people reply to you, it will show (You) after the post number as a hint.

I want to volunteer! How can I?

Email an admin.

What is "sage"?

Some users reply with 'sage' in their posts in order to not bump a thread; it is a method of objecting or protesting a thread and its contents.

What is a tripcode?

Most posts on TBPchan are made anonymously, but this is not the only way to post. The name field can be used multiple other ways in order to establish identity:

  • By simply writing something in the name box. This is insecure as any other poster can write the same name.
  • By writing a # character and then a password. Putting #example in the name field would become !KtW6XcghiY. This is reasonably secure, but with increasing GPU speeds these tripcodes can be cracked in a few days by a dedicated attacker.
  • By writing two # characters and then a password. Putting ##example in the name field would become !!Dz.MSNRw9M. This is quite secure, but it relies on a secret salt on the server so the code will not work on sites other than TBPchan.

Please note that other users generally do not like those that use tripcodes.

How do I format text?