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dc8ee No.5[Reply]

Hello. I have a question or more so a proposition of an idea. I read alot about this type of stuff from lots of different view points. What i thought about is the call event horizon event horizon cause anything past that point doesnt exsist and tecnically if nothing exsist past that point then nothing can enter it then right? Or say if stuff can enter but never escape cause it no longer exsist then how does it eject anything from it? Also on the flip side what do you guys think of white holes(this is mostly hypothetical but you gotta think tho there is an aposing force for everything else)?
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dc8ee No.9

There is a lagit newpipe(heh) video that talks about white holes anfrom what they are saying is a black hole is an entrance and white holes are the exit but this is all speculation but then again so was quantom mechanics befor they had proof to inforce the theory

dc8ee No.12

There is "nothing" in space that would cause a high power explosion that only lasts 10 seconds. What the theory talks about is since its the opposite of a black hole the time dilation would be very very fast and in reverse which explains 10 seconds

dc8ee No.14

Let me reword the last part. There is nothing in space that holds a constant explosion. Everything else will explode and disperse within seconds but what they saw was a constant explosive release of energy for 10 seconds.

5ac8a No.22

are niggers humans?

507fe No.23

Subhumans are still humans

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2166c No.25[Reply]

Do anons have any opinion on this website? I've been using since few years, and so far I couldn't find website as reliable as this one. One thing I have against it is that sometimes articles have very common language, like some science magazine for average breadwinner. Thoughts?

a3242 No.26

File: 1568243738386.jpg (122.38 KB, 800x576, opo0420b.jpg)

Science journalism is probably one of the least profitable reporting fields, and it's already cronyistic in general.
Futurism.com is good for just getting all the links together, while the actual reporting isn't too impressive, and of course, avoid all editorials
nationalgeographic.com is still good at on site nature stuff, otherwise they just take articles and expand on them
Needles to say, the interns at nasa.gov do their best to pack information in their releases
avoid the ESA site, they're very amateurish

77ace No.27

never heard of it

File: 1567260098918.png (35.38 KB, 432x501, screen-shot-2018-05-15-at-….png)

6586e No.24[Reply]

Why Did Diseases Decline?

[b]Measles vaccine was introduced in 1963, after Measles deaths had already declined [/b]

The facts are clear: infectious disease deaths declined nearly 90% BEFORE vaccines were introduced…


File: 1460064982497.jpg (117.34 KB, 684x539, science.jpg)

b400b No.1[Reply]

7a4c4 No.21


File: 1542373172830.png (47.71 KB, 454x478, C4ED9146-BBF5-4DA1-8829-9B….png)

3476a No.19[Reply]

Hey! Could anyone take this 5-10 minute survey to aid me with research for my thesis? It’s quite interesting, easy to complete and completely anonymous! I will be posting results when I have all of the participants that I need! All nationalities welcome! Thanks in advance!


Social science!

3d303 No.20

>Social science!

File: 1540638109963.jpg (38.45 KB, 320x480, К`ЕдРо.jpg)

a31f0 No.18[Reply]

File: 1540524281017.png (3.11 MB, 2160x2160, 0მ12◯ᔕᔓᗴᗱH߷Ⓞᙁᑕᑐ◯ᗴᗱ߷ꖴHᗯ◯ᗯHꖴ….PNG)

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432b1 No.17

File: 1540555038330.jpg (162.44 KB, 751x717, fac6471467cef15c6cbd71749d….jpg)

haven't seen you in a few weeks

File: 1540523691403.png (4.11 MB, 2160x2160, 0612-7102-6102-NOITCELOC-E….PNG)

31f04 No.15[Reply]


File: 1523004561549-0.png (4.35 MB, 753x5590, 1.png)

File: 1523004561549-1.png (1.64 MB, 746x2485, 2.png)

28073 No.3[Reply]

Theory of parasite conspiracy

The Korean Peninsula was in a geographical position where many kinds of parasites are inhabited since prehistoric times.
Winter in the Southern Hemisphere Region Because there was a Korean peninsula in the relay area where migratory birds head for Siberia
The Korean peninsula was the mechanism that various parasites around the world borrowed and bred the bird's body to breed.
There is a custom to habit food that infects parasites such as drying, pickles, fermentation etc.
So, the race living in the Korean peninsula got rid of various rare parasites.
Among them, there are parasites that are known recently, manipulate the brain that everyone knows well and induce suicide.
It is a parasite that kills the typical warts and kills them.
<Wart parasite>
There are times when this parasite has to live in the wart's built-in and make water reverse mating.
In such a case, I will decide to throw a substance that causes throat to throat to wart and the wart will jump into the water.
And it rushes out with the mantis at Besorg.
Not only insects but also mammals have similar parasites.
Toxocryptosporidium was not only discovered but also an actual parasite that became a motif of the movie "can parasitize"
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dab85 No.4

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9031f No.6

Very interesting OP. Just imagine if they altered that mold or whatever its called that infects ants so it infects people, crazy shit. Kinda like the 1 episode from the x-files

9031f No.10

This shit is creepy as fuck OP https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGyvlt_b3is

68317 No.11


9031f No.13

I felt sick as fuck the first time i saw that

File: 1474909992778-0.gif (6.98 KB, 512x384, Vostok Ice Core Data.gif)

File: 1474909992778-1.txt (10.78 KB, vostok.icecore.co2.txt)

File: 1474909992778-2.pdf (159.49 KB, Historical Carbon Dioxide ….pdf)

deefb No.2[Reply]

This is the data from the Vostok Ice Core along with a backed-up version from the .gov website located here: http://cdiac.ornl.gov/trends/co2/vostok.html

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