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File: 1533311031098.png (93.27 KB, 500x403, space_sex.png)

953fd No.9[Reply]

NASA is conducting studies on how to have sex in zero gravity.


05d75 No.10

File: 1533605397163.png (202.67 KB, 353x391, c8153aeebe922801e3f7bcf8c4….png)

but why

130c4 No.11

Think about the implications of this!

There could be new positions only usable in space! Imagine space porn!

c5c7a No.18

why would you want to do this

File: 1566514147199.jpg (83.36 KB, 4096x906, 68740004_378488772837677_5….jpg)

c5614 No.13[Reply]

First blurry image of a shapeshifter in my bedroom, blocking my fan! If i killed or die for ANY REASON! This image will serve to link to others, however this will be one of many entry points. Do not fuck with anon hackers we are legion! We may have gone into hiding but our skills are still sharper nonetheless.

I'm sick and tired of these fucking shape shifters fucking with my sleep, and blocking my fan when i'm trying to work! I know they probably feed off of the my distress, and are attracted to other things that happen….

85cb3 No.14

I don't get it

f77aa No.17

File: 1546147691473.png (766.7 KB, 1002x810, KOREAN STYLE PRISON LIFE.PNG)

0e08d No.12[Reply]

I was hospitalized in a mental hospital soliciting room for a suspicion of hunger strike at the Seoul Detention Center. Please punish Park Sang-eun (Chairman of Presidential National Bioethics Committee) and Ham Woong (Director of Keyo Mental Hospital)

Hello? I seek help from you because I have been so bitter and resentful. If I am spreading lies, you must sue me for libel. After an emergency arrest and pressed investigation, I was not able to eat while I was under detention in the Seoul Detention Center. And then I was diagnosed with stress anorexia at Anyang Sam Hospital. The investigators interrogated me every day to show pictures of dead bodies and raped photos, and then they just force me to confess. If someone sees those pictures and some food goes over the neck, I think he is not normal.

Without authority, a prison officer named 'Sung Jin-soo' dared strongly assert of my mental hospital admission. Sung Jin-soo showed the writings that I wrote on my internet blog to the director of Keyo Medical Care Hospital (This medical care hospital is a mental hospital.) named ‘Ham Woong’ and he portrayed me as a psychotic. A doctor at the Seoul Detention Center called 'Cho Soo-hyun' took me to that hospital and forced me into solitary confinement under the name of treatment of my anorexia. In that place, the male nurses tied my wrists, ankles and chest to the bed in the name of avoiding escape, and then they put a diaper on me. It was a disgrace to a man in his 30s. I had been unable to move and could not eat; moreover, they did not cure nor give some food to me. Every in the morning and the evening, I was suffering from hallucination symptoms when I was given an injection called ‘Amytal’, which was prescribed by Ham Woong. Doing such medical treatment, Ham Woong seems to be, beyond losing his mind, a person who gave up being a human being.

A white-haired kidney physician who is the head of Anyang Sam Hospital called 'Park Sang-eun' would not treated but he interrogated me at Anyang Sam Hospital on January 12, 2017. He said to me, "You talked about hacking when you were treated at Anyang Sam Hospital in 2015, do you remember?" In addition, Park Sang-eun said to me, “You are ‘the body that managed by the country (I wonder how a medical doctor uses this jargon which is used between the prison guards in the Seoul Detention Center.)’, so what stresses you? Is there someone who harasses you in your imagination?" I was terrified by his woPost too long. Click here to view the full text.

File: 1533219829466.jpg (75.04 KB, 455x600, two_headed_dog.jpg)

fe46d No.8[Reply]

Vladimir Petrovich Demikhov's animal experiments.


File: 1533117152608.jpg (40.03 KB, 750x625, ota_benga.jpg)

8d71b No.6[Reply]

The Bronx New York human zoo exhibit of 1906.


17350 No.7

some weird shit, nugger

File: 1479147512667.png (2.82 KB, 131x80, well shit.PNG)

b212e No.1[Reply]

Sup? Apparently this is unblocked at most schools, so hi. Imma be on here often

8915c No.2

greetings schoolperson
not many people browse or post here but feel free to do as you wish

8915c No.3

File: 1486345491014.jpg (39.64 KB, 446x716, 81d293fb4f2c1ad789a353dac7….jpg)

d7f58 No.5



Ghost ones is pretty good sometimes, never whatched the alien one. Eat it up 24/7

38e60 No.4[Reply]

Hola aca podemos postear enlaces y asi

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